How can I access the Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network?

The Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network is available free of charge to all users who have accepted the terms of use and privacy policy. To access the service on your laptop, smartphone or PDA, please connect your device to the wireless network named "CharlestonFreeWiFi"

What do I do if I cannot login to the Charleston Free Wi-Fi network?

Please call customer support at 800.277.1812 or e-mail

How much does it cost to connect to the Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network?

The Charleston Free Wi-Fi network is completely free. Once users agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, access is unrestricted by any paywall. There is a time limit imposed however of three hours per day per user.

Is there a time limit for the public Wi-Fi access?

Yes. There is a three hour limit per day per location.

How many users can the Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network support?

The Charleston Wi-Fi Network is designed to support a large number of users. The actual number of users will vary depending on the activities by individual users. The Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation actively monitors the network and when necessary, may provide additional bandwidth.

How is a park selected for the free Wi-Fi access?

Charleston Free Wi-Fi is being provided as an amenity to allow park guests including residents, visitors and students to connected to the internet while enjoying their activity in the park.

Are there any plans to extend Wi-Fi service to other venues in Charleston?

Not at this time.

Can I have visitors to a special event directed to my webpage for my event at the Park?

Yes, at Marion Square Park only. If you have a special event and would like to have a unique network name and co-branded sign-on page for the event, please contact us atĀ

Is there a possibility to advertise my business on the Charleston Free Wi-Fi?

There are no advertising opportunities at this time. However if your organization would be interested in sponsoring a new park location, feel free to contact us at for details.

How much do the networks cost to build?

The Wi-Fi deployment cost for each park varies depending mostly on the size of the park. The Charleston Free Wi-Fi network is provided by the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation with grants from sponsors for each park. The grant amount covers the cost of all wireless hardware, maintenance and customer support of the network for three years.

Who is responsible for providing free Wi-Fi access in certain parks in the City of Charleston?

Charleston Free Wi-Fi is brought to you as an amenity by the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation in partnership with the City of Charleston and various sponsors including Google, Home Telecom, Speedwell Foundation and the Charleston Parks Conservancy.